Nappy Godmother

A small company making a big change

About 73,000 tons of "disposable" nappies 

go into our landfills every year. Sadly 

not all of them make it to landfills. That is

an awful lot of nappies, even mountains of nappies.


Sadly not all of them make it to landfills.

Roughly 62,400 cloth nappies washed for our families last year. That's 62,400 nappies not gone into landfills.

Daycare centres' numbers are 17,488, so another 17,488 nappies didn't go to our landfills.

This really excites me! 

I hope to double these figures this year.
Thank you to all our families for being part of our success.
 I look forward to working with you all this year!